About Us


At Bradabrat we are all brothers, and we all have beards. Our interest in facial hair arose at a young age from our father, who instilled in us a proper appreciation for well-kept beards and moustaches. We’re also filled with fond memories of family dinners where our grandfather’s impressive beard gave added life to his stories. Growing up around handsome, bearded men and the many women they drew to them, we came to accept the beard as a natural extension of a man’s refined and unbridled masculinity.

Bearded men radiate a unique sense of character that both commands respect and exudes authority. Despite the incredible improvements they bring to a man’s looks and confidence, beards have become a modern rarity among predominantly metrosexual clean-shaven faces. Today’s modern bearded man knows his path in life, and walks it.

Don’t shave for a first date. Don’t shave for a job interview. Don’t shave on your first day at work. BRADABRAT is here to support your bearded lifestyle with our all-natural products designed especially for men. You’ll find find helpful information on the benefits of beard oils, and the results you can expect using natural oils on your skin and facial hair.


Behind every shaven face lies a beard waiting to grow.

С използването на този сайт вие се съгласявате с употребата на „бисквитки“. Научете повече!

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