When to use beard oils, how to apply them, and what not to forget? Read the following suggestions from BRADABRAT for a strong, clean, and handsome beard.

  1. Use a beard oil in the morning (LAVISH) for a fresh start to the day, or in the evening (BOLE) to radiate charm. Always use after showering for a strong and healthy beard.
  2. Always apply to a dry and clean beard.
  3. Put between 2 and 5 drops of beard oil (depending on the length of your beard) on your palms or fingertips and rub vigorously to warm the oil. A pleasant and refreshing aroma will exude from the natural ingredients contained within.
  4. Massage the oil onto your skin by running your fingers through your beard, starting at the neck and continuing up the face. Concentrate on areas where you have facial hair, in order to stimulate and nourish the follicle roots.
  5. Don’t forget your moustache!
  6. If necessary, comb your beard and moustache to apply the oil even closer to the hair roots.
  7. Be natural.



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