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Wooden beard comb BRADABRAT „М“


Hand finished pocket comb made of sandalwood.

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Product Description

Comfortable with its pocket size, the wooden comb for beard BRADABRAT COMB „М“ is with unique design and curve, which gives it nice grip and a beautiful form. The comb is with smooth teeth and does not electrify the hair, which decreases the harm caused by static electricity. Made of Sandal tree, which structure is fine and dense. The only tree in the world that emits a typical natural aroma of a jasmyn, violet, rose and even a musk note. It does not harm the scalp, the hair follicle, the hair roots, it absorbs and evenly distributes the sebum over hair and scalp. It has a stimulating and massaging effect, which betters blood circulation.

The combs are finalized by hand and every piece has its unique color. The wooden structure is moderately smooth. The shine is natural and varies from mild to strong.


• It does not tear the hair
• 100% antistatic
• Massages
• Improves blood circulation
• Stimulates hair growth and keeps hair strong

Use and care:

• For life is used correctly
• Rince with cold water if necessary
• Do not dump in water
• Do not clean with hot water
• Do not leave in direct sun light

Additional information:

• Lenght: 11.5 cm
• Lenght between teeth: 1.1 mm
• Weight: 0.041 kg

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