With unique design and curve, finished by hand and precisely made wooden comb of a high class sandal tree.

Product Description

With unique design and curve, the wooden comb for beard and hair BRADABRAT COMB „Luxury“ is finished by hand and precisely made of a high class sandal tree. The tree initially requires a mechanical working and after then many finishing curving techniques made by hand, leaving the comb with a beautiful form and comfortable grip. It protects from tearing the hair thanks to its smooth teeth, it doesn’t hurt the skin and scalp and protects from harms and blooming. It has an antistatic effect. It doesn’t harm the scalp, the hair follicle or hair roots. It absorbs and distributes evenly the sebum on the hair and scalp. It has a light stimulating and mаssaging effect, which improves blood circulation.

Combs are finished by hand and every piece has its unique color. The structure of the wood is smooth and the shine varies from mild to strong.


• Doesn’t tear the hair
• 100% antistatic
• Massages
• Improves blood circulation
• Stimulates hair growth and keeps hair strong
• Fine and smooth

Use and care:

• For life is used correctly
• Rince with cold water if necessary
• Do not dump in water
• Do not clean with hot water
• Do not leave in direct sun light

Additional information:

• Lenght: 12.3 cm
• Lenght between teeth: 1.1 mm
• Weight: 0.042 kg
• Package: Black cardboard box with silver print

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